Ashvattha Therapeutics Unveils Transformative Dendrimer-based anti-VEGF Treatment for Retinal Diseases at ARVO 2020

Company to develop subcutaneously administered dendrimer-based anti-VEGF therapy with selective targeting in wet AMD

Potential therapeutic may offer significant opportunities for degenerative retinal diseases such as wet AMD and diabetic retinopathy, and may reduce significant side effects associated with systemic treatment of ocular disease

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.  – Ashvattha Therapeutics, a biotech company focused on novel dendrimer-based therapies targeting unmet medical needs in ocular, inflammatory diseases, and oncology, today announced the presentation of four virtual posters and presentations supporting the ongoing development of its proprietary dendrimer-based technology programs at the 2020 Association for Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Annual Meeting, originally scheduled for May 3-7, in Baltimore, Maryland.

The ARVO 2020 Annual Meeting will now be held virtually, and video-recorded presentations will be available online in the Media library catalog within ARVOLearn beginning today. All ARVO Annual Meeting recorded presentations are available for five years on ARVOLearn. Additionally, abstracts will be published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Vision Science (IOVS) no later than July 31, 2020.

Details for the ARVO 2020 Virtual Meeting presentations are as follows:

Presentation Title: Suppression of Murine Choroidal Neovascularization After Systemic Administration of a Targeted Anti-VEGF Therapy
Presenters: Jeffrey Cleland, et al.
Presentation Number: 3974
Session Number: 429
Session Title: AMD and antiangiogenic agents

Poster Title: Targeted Sustained Intracellular Delivery to Choroidal Neovascular Lesions After a Single Systemic Administration as Demonstrated by Imaging
Presenters: Rishi Sharma, et al.
Poster Number: 4927 – B0132

Poster Title: Targeted Systemic Dendrimer-drug therapies for Early and Late AMD
Presenters: Kannan Rangaramanujam, et al.
Poster Number: 4929-B0134

Poster Title: OcuPair™: A Novel Dendrimer-hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Sealant For Temporary Corneal Wound Stabilization
Presenters: Siva Kambhampati, et al.
Poster Number: 369 – A0189


“We are excited to present this data on our lead dendrimer anti-VEGF candidate for the first time at ARVO, one of the preeminent conferences in the ophthalmic space. Current treatments for wet AMD require invasive, intravitreal injections into the eye, as often as once every 4 weeks. The results from these preclinical studies show that our dendrimer-based anti-VEGF candidate has the potential to be a flexible, once-monthly systemic subcutaneous or oral therapy, and is a more convenient treatment option for patients with retinal diseases. The results reinforce our decision to advance our dendrimer anti-VEGF candidate D-4517 into a clinical trial in 2021 for treatment of wet AMD,” said Jeffrey Cleland, Ph.D., Chairman, CEO & President at Ashvattha Therapeutics.

Ashvattha’s technology platform consists of hydroxyl dendrimers that selectively target regions of inflammation within the body. The development of appropriate therapeutics chemically conjugated to the dendrimers (new chemical entities) to target tissues is a key challenge that can be addressed by dendrimer technology. Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, mediated by reactive macrophages, microglia and retinal pigment endothelial (RPE cells), play a key role in neovascular (wet) age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Systemic hydroxyl dendrimer therapy enables selective targeting of these reactive cells, improving efficacy and reducing side- effects of a wide range of ocular drugs.

In more than 30 animal models of inflammation, Ashvattha’s technology platform targeted inflammation without off-target toxicity at doses up to 1000 mg/kg. Human safety studies demonstrated no clinical adverse events at doses up to 40 mg/kg. This novel dendrimer delivery platform can support a wide range of drugs (>65) including small molecules, proteins and RNA/DNA.

About Ashvattha Therapeutics

Ashvattha Therapeutics holds the exclusive rights to a novel hydroxyl dendrimer technology developed at Johns Hopkins University enabling a new class of targeted therapies previously unachievable with traditional drug moieties. Ashvattha are commercializing the technology through new entities established to develop therapeutic opportunities within specific fields and enabled through the use of our dendrimer platform. For more information, visit


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