Jeff Cleland

Jeffrey L. Cleland, Ph.D.

Chairman, President and CEO

Dr. Cleland has 30 years of industry experience in research and development, including more than a decade at Genentech, Inc. He is currently the Chairman, CEO, President and co-founder of Ashvattha Therapeutics, Inc., a private clinical stage company developing novel nanomedicines in ophthalmology, neurology and inflammation. His experience in startups includes major roles in obtaining more than $500 million in capital at stages from Series A through D and exit via IPO including over $400 million in capital raised as CEO. As the founding CEO of Versartis (VSAR), he led one of top biotech IPOs of all time. After Versartis, he led the Series B financing and clinical translation of novel Johns Hopkins University technology as CEO of Graybug Vision (GRAY). He held executive management positions at BaroFold, Novacea and Targesome, and has managed directly all aspects of drug development and late-stage research. While at Genentech, Dr. Cleland served in product development and manufacturing roles. He held important leadership roles in the successful approval of two drugs, Herceptin® and Nutropin Depot®, as well as in early work on Lucentis®, Avastin®, and Kadcyla®. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Davis and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Cleland has authored more than 100 articles and four books and holds several issued patents. He serves on the Boards of BIO, Elixirgen Therapeutics, and Syncromune, and has advisory roles with small emerging biotechnology companies.