ACR 2020

Systemic Administration of Novel Hydroxyl Dendrimers to Target Inflammation in Arthritic Tissues

AAIC 2020

Selective targeting of Plaque Associated Microglia through systemic dendrimer administration in an Alzheimer’s disease model

ASN 2020

Systemic Therapies Targeted to Ischemia in a Model of Diabetic Acute Kidney Injury

ARVO 2020

Suppression of Murine Choroidal Neovascularization After Systemic Administration of a Targeted Anti-VEGF Therapy

ARVO 2020

Targeted Sustained Intracellular Delivery to Choroidal Neovascular Lesions After a Single Systemic Administration as Demonstrated by Imaging

AACR 2020

Selective Targeting of Immunosuppressive Tumor Macrophage from Systemic Administration